Katie, a young girl story

Andrew looked up. It was Katie, a young girl from one of his chemistry classes that he had made a couple of weekends earlier, while drunk at a school function, and was too embarrassed to talk to, since. Katie sat in Andrew’s immediate right chemistry and they were often lab partners. Apart from that, they always seemed to bump into each other around campus, here and there, and occasionally a dorm party. They knew each other quite well and there was some obvious sexual tension that made Andrew a little uncomfortable, although he really liked her. She was 21 years old with a long, slender frame. Her face was plain. Her hips, butt and breasts, while small, had no real form. She wore little or no make-up and always ad her long dark hair in a ponytail. Her eyes were easy, Andrew’s favorite active. They were wide and very dark. He often found it difficult to maintain eye contact with her, because they fascinated him. Her lips were pale and looked, but soft and warm, and were about medium thickness. The small freckles above her upper lip looked like adequate, given her dark hair and eyes, but they certainly added to her “girl next door” look. Her personality was always warm and pleasant … and very playful. She would often look over at him, in the classroom, and tap her pencil on her lip, making faces, trying to laugh at Andrew.

Her lips were warm. If her mouth widened with his playfully kissed and tasted the beer on each other’s breath. Both of their hearts beat as pistons. Andrew felt his half erect penis quickly fill with blood as the hum of the pot he had left some resistance reduced to try to prevent it. His stomach was warm and his thoughts were quiet. He felt bliss when she kissed like that for a while. AA few minutes after, he wrapped one of her hands behind his neck and her fingers gently through his hair, which was sloppy wet with his sweat. Gently cradles the back of his head, she pulled him closer to her, kissed him harder, and then slowly slid down the length of her warm tongue in his mouth waiting. When he tasted her tongue caught in, he clenched his body, squeezing a drop of fluid from his swollen cock. He pushed his tongue deep into her mouth and she moaned with dedication, in his back. Breaking their kiss, Andrew moved his mouth to her neck. Her skin was damp. It was delicious salt. That was more than enough to step up a notch for Katie. As Andrew playful bit and sucked her neck, she began the hand that she had on the knee of Andrew’s thigh slowly moving. “Oooh Andrew,” she moaned in his ear. “I want your cock in my mouth.” With that she playfully pushed him away and turned to face him. Looking into his eyes, she pulled the top button open on his Capri pants, and pulled down the zipper. She looked flushed and a little uncomfortable, but determined. Andrew lifted his ass, light as Katie pulled his pants with a snap of.

Andrew’s dick was now exposed to her. It was very hard and stiff. The huge covered wires like vines, and a stream of glistening pre-cum dripped in the middle of its axis. The large, mushroom-shaped head was purple and swollen to the point that it looked painful. She did not offer even touch. Not to break eye contact, she let her head in his lap, and took enormous, Andrew’s stiff cock head in her mouth. Immediately, he spasmed, squeezing a few drops of moisture in the mouth of Katie’s. “Mmm …,” muttered Katie. They started work on his cock deeper and deeper into the work in her mouth and her throat once inch at a time. When she took, she was sure grip his throbbing head with a fist had formed around him. She had her hand slide down over the head of his cock as it went into her warm mouth and down her throat. Then she would slowly pull it out again, reversing the process. Her hand worked his shaft and head like a corkscrew, and down her fingers in her mouth, then out again. After only five minutes of this, Andrew was very close to orgasm and she could definitely tell. She could tell that he seemed to be resisting it. Releasing himself from his cock, she sat back on her heels for one minute and said, “Do not hold back Andrew,” Katie said. “I want you to cum.”

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