Erotic stories

Keeping her left hand on her left tit, her right hand returned to her glorious mound. She rubbed her bikini bottom again for a few moments and then slid
her hand under the elastic. Her feet were flat on the pool deck as she pushed her cunt up to meet the invader. I quietly unzipped my pants and reached
in to rub my hard cock. Looking back to the knothole I saw her fingers inside her bikini bottoms. They were rhythmically rubbing her pussy as her other
hand alternated kneading her pretty tits. Her eyes were still closed and a little smile was on her lips. Her fingers began to work faster between her legs
and her lips parted a little as she began squirming in the lounger. My cock was still in my pants but I had my hand wrapped around it, giving it soft little
jerks as I watched her body writhe.

Impatiently, she lifted her hips and pushed the bikini bottoms down to her knees. Her pussy was fringed with a sparse forest of curly red hair. Her pussy
lips were pink and swollen with lust. Her right hand returned to her pussy while her legs worked the bikini bottoms down to her calves. Her whole hand
was moving up and down her pretty pussy; sometimes I’d see her slip a finger inside her cunt. Her hips were rocking. Her hand and pussy were dancing to
an intense primal beat, insistent and driving, pushing her ever faster. Her mouth was now hung open, her head shaking side to side, even her neck muscles
seemed to straining toward orgasm as she arched her entire body off of the chaise lounge and rode her frantically rubbing hand to a spastic, body jolting
. I shot my load, right along with her, on the ground outside the fence.

The story will be continued 😉

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