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His adult eyes closed as he felt her warm lips close to the tip of his penis. She teased him crack his head and flicked her tongue, while a hand gently caressed his balls and stroking the other is still on its axis. For what seemed an eternity she caressed the head of his cock, teasing him intentionally, seductive, so asking for more. He moaned from the intense pleasure surging through his groin.

Alex put his hands on her head and stroking her temples. He was sure that no pressure – he found it under control. Her tongue knew just what to tease, and he enjoyed every minute. She slowly lowered her head along his shaft, as more and more of it in her warm, soft mouth with every move, until they took it all deep into her throat. He felt her throat tighten its axis, and almost with feelings now runs through every fiber of my being. He looked down and saw her looking at him. It was the most erotic sight he’d seen in a long time. This woman was sucking his dick and looked straight in the eye, at the same time.

He smiled at her. Now he must have had some of it. Carefully, he beckoned her to stand and when she got up, put her back to the negotiating table. Her legs parted, even before he touched her, and he saw that his panties were wet. Again his cock matches this beautiful sight. When he kissed her belly, she began her jacket and blouse to remove. The closer he got to her pussy dripping more he could smell. The more he could smell her more than he wanted to try. When he reached the top of her pubic hair he pulled her panties down around her knees, kissed the ground. Now he could into the honey pot, so he had to taste. She is currently removed her blouse and her nipples were standing proud from her chest. He reached with one hand, and took the nipple between his fingers. As he gently teased him, he felt stiffness. Her firm breasts in his hand and gently pressed.

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To be continued …

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His legs were like jelly and I have to hand round the front of the car. “Round the map” you say and what I did I was looking at the cover away from you. I felt her hands tugging on my lap and fell to my ankles. Then, he pulled my panties down around her ankles. “When you leave them,” he said and did. “Now lean forward Stace, put your hands on the hood of the car.” I did a little hesitant. You put your foot between my ankles and nudged him away. I took the hint and moved further apart. My pussy, soaked in my own sperm, now spread around in front of you. Once I heard your zip code and, as in the garden, I looked over my shoulder to see his rock hard cock taking 7 inches of his pants. I could see every vein in it, it was almost trembling. I was a little worried what would make my virgin pussy.

You came around my clitoris and found again and began to harass and answered my wet pussy again. Place one hand on my shoulder and another in the waist. Then I felt the tip of his cock brush against my pussy lips swollen. “This is going to hurt a little Stace, sorry” you said, “but worth it.” You push his cock against my pussy, but my lips were so tight that came to nothing. Pressed again, this time more difficult and advanced a little pressure. “You have to sit still Stace!” you said with some impatience that paved the legs as you press it again. This time I felt the tip of the strength of my lips parted and gasped. “Good girl” is “now Hold Tight.” Before he could think what that meant tearing felt a sharp pain in my pussy and I screamed his cock 7 inch its way into my tight pussy. I pushed in and burns the pain. Tears started rolling down my face and I bit my lip in pain. I knew that was how I could feel his balls against my hairy pussy lips bald.

I had never felt anything like this before and soon I could feel another orgasm coming. I realized how his cock pushed the increase in speed was too much. “Fuck me!” I gasped in his ear as he suddenly was tough and stood up to me and I felt hot buckets of warm milk pumping deep inside my pussy as she let out a loud groan.

He bent and kissed my lips for the first time. I replied, placing my hand on the back of the head to hold still while I slipped my tongue in her mouth and kissed deeply, our ages and how they do it so bad what I want even more. After a while we stopped. He removed his now soft cock out of me and looked down to see his cock and my dripping from my pussy and my thighs, along with a little blood. The zipper of his pants and took my underwear and used them to clean up my pussy clean. “You can not use that now” he said pointing at my soiled underwear, stained. I laughed and gave her to you

“You keep them. I will command my lap and I pulled back into the car to find the support and the top.

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